Paschal Agape Vespers 2007 - 04/08/07

Sunday afternoon, we again gathered at St. George's to celebrate the lovely Paschal Agape Vespers. The Gospel from John was read in 15 languages!  After the service, we participated in our annual Paschal Agape Feast!  Which, of course, was delicious!
Christ Is Risen! Indeed He Is Risen!
The Holy Gospel
Lord have mercy
Choir singers
Choir photo
O Gladsome Light
Let us attend
The Holy Gospel of John in English
Christ the Light of the World
The Gospel in Russian
The Gospel in Greek
The Gospel in Mandarin Chinese
The Gospel in French
The Gospel in Polish
The Gospel in Portuguese
The Gospel in Hungarian
The Gosepl in Romanian
The Gospel in Amharic Ethiopian
The Gospel in Bulgarian
The Gospel in Italian
The Gospel in Ukrainian
The Gospel in Latin last year
The Gospel in German
The Gospel in Spanish
Glory to Thee O Lord Glory to Thee
Christ our Lord and Savior
The Choir Sings
The Directors Lead
Christ has risen from the dead
Trampling down death by death
And upon those in the tombs
Bestowing Life
Christ is Risen
Indeed He is Risen
Paschal Flowers
Cristo ha recucitado
Let us rejoice in the Lord
Our Choir Directors
En verdad ha recucitado
Cristos voskresky
Putting away tables after feast