Driving from Texas Borderlands to Mexico City - 01/06/07

Leaving hours before dawn, Fr. Antonio and his two older daughters plus Angel, son of Padre José Luis of Mexico City, drove 14 hours in Father's pick up truck to take a load of donated "Icon Bridges" icons and liturgical items and personally deliver them to Bp. Alejo during this special Theophany Season visit.

Metropolitan Herman, Archbishop Dmitri and other guests also visited Mexico City and the OCA Cathedral there on this special occasion.

See more photos from the Icon Bridges Delivery which occured during this visit at: http://stgeorgepantry.org/iconbridges.html

Angel y Cristina Ready to Go!
Mexico Pilgrims at 5 AM Departure
Pre-Dawn in Northern Mexico
Dawn Breaks
Happy Travelers
The long road
Morning has broken
Mexico mountains
Sunrise over mountains
Road into Mountains
Peaks peek
Lovely views
Sol y montañas
Scenic cliffs
Sun-topped mountains
Roadway scenes
Pilgrim Cristina
More mountains...
Bull statue on hillside
Outskirts of Mexico City
Entering Mexico City
Mexico City Rush Hour Smog
Buildings entering City
Finally at Cathedral!
Great Vespers at OCA Cathedral
Cross in Cathedral
Sub-Dc. Antonio, Bp. Alejo y AB Dmitri
Cathedral after nightfall