Food Pantry Day! - 12/27/06

St. George's Food Pantry Distribution Day during 2006 International Winter Service Retreat for youth & young adults.

In addition to generous boxes of food for over 100 participant families, blankets (quilts & Afghans), jackets/coats, t-shirts, used clothing, toys and OCA-donated Christmas stockings for the children were also shared.

Where dd it all go?
The Andrew Being
Angel y arroz
The line getting longer
Mount Blankey's not big enough!
I like that one
Here you go, Holla!
The box toters
Can I have one, Please?
It's over there
Little Boy Blue
Carry Out
I really like it!
Do you have it in extra-medium???
I din't do anything...
Junior Traffic Director
I actually caught it!!!
Only 50 boxes left?
Working in the fast lane
Is this one full?
I hope some candy will be left...
We finally get to sign in!
This box isn't full
We're done!
Shopping around
That one was mine...
Dapers & baby blankets to share
My jacket's yummy...
I wonder if there's bubble gum...
Exiting Hall with load of food
What are they doing?
Ferocious Guard Toy
Sharing OCA Stockings
Organizing Indoors
Working Inside
More boxes to fill
Only two boxes left...
Oooo, I like those!
I'll trade you for that one!
Kitchen Helpers
Another one...
I'm outside again!!!
Brief reprive
Nick Being...Nick
Participants receive goods
Tents shelter workers
Working outside
Much to share
I gladly take those!
Fully stocked
What are you two doing now?!?
Mmmm, coffee...
Team work rules!
Ready to go
Happy to be of help
Ready, set, go! Heave!
Ready and waiting
Faith to move mountains of blankets
Joe! Quit Playing around!
See how pretty my stocking
More faith needed...
I just love sorting!
The more the merrier
THis is fun!
It all fits in my pocket!
It goes here???
Where did it all go???
Mmmm, yummy...
Extra-medium, please?
Waiting for Distribution
Why me?
Almost ready
This one is very nice!
My new friend!
A brief break
Caution: Monk at work
Sharing stories