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Give a Can; Get a Cookie Food Drive & Fundraiser

See Spanish version below... 

PHARR:  St. George’s Orthodox Church, located at 704 W. Sam Houston in Pharr, will be hosting its Annual Open House and International Bake Fest on Saturday, December 9th from 9:30 AM until 4:00 PM.  For the past three years, the Bake Fest also included a “Give a Can; Get a Cookie” Food Drive and Fundraiser for St. George’s Food Pantry, sponsored by the church.

“Over these past few months, each time we open, more families come to us needing food,” said Father Antonio Perdomo, Pastor of St. George’s.  “The last few times, we’ve given out food boxes to well over 100 families, and had to turn others away.” 

Open twice a month on Wednesdays, St. George’s Food Pantry has grown from only a few participants when it opened the summer of 2004, to over 480 individuals served in October of 2006.  

“When we host our Annual International Bake Sale and Open House,” said Elizabeth Perdomo, Father Antonio’s wife, “we try to reach out to the community and ask others to help us help our neighbors, as well as assisting the Parish. It is unbelievable how many families come to us in real need.”

“Those who come to the International Bake Fest can help us help families in need by bringing canned foods and non-perishable food items, like an “Admission” to the event,” added Analucia Perdomo, student at UTPA in Edinburg. “In return for sharing canned goods for the Food Pantry, we’ll share a sample of our home-baked goodies. The Bake Fest is a lot of fun!” 

In addition to the “Give a Can; Get a Cookie” food drive, St. George’s Food Pantry needs volunteers to help pick up food orders from the Food Bank of th e Rio Grande Valley, and helpers to sort and distribute boxes of food to program recipients.

“Just a few months ago, it was enough for me to take my pick-up truck to the Food Bank and pick up our orders,” continued Fr. Perdomo, “Now, it takes three, sometimes four vehicles to load it all up and get it back to the Church.”

St. George’s Food Pantry is also in need of one-time and regular monthly financial support. “To continue feeding more families each month, we need help from local businesses, individuals and families” said Mrs. Perdomo. “Whether a one-time donation or a modest regular monthly contribution of $10, $20 or $25, every penny is well spent a nd is greatly appreciated.”

The International Bake Fest also includes the sale of International Foods and Baked Goods, such as Gyros and Baklava, International Arts, Crafts, Handcrafted Soap and Gift Items, as well as music, dancing, educational booths and Church Tours. “There’s plenty for everyone to do,” continued Analucia Perdomo, “Most people don’t realize how much International diversity we have here in the Valley or within the Orthodox Christian Church.”

For more information about how you can help out, contact Fr. Antonio Perdomo at 956-781-6114 or by email at padreantoniop@aol.com.  Financial contributions can be mailed to St. George's Orthodox Church at PO Box 667, Pharr, TX 78577. St. George’s Food Pantry and other Parish outreach ministries can be found on the web at: www.stgeorgepantry.org.

St. George's Orthodox Church
Rio Grande Valley of Tropical South Texas

Trae una lata; llévate una galleta”


PHARR:           La Iglesia Ortodoxa San Jorge, localizada en el 704 W. Sam Houston en Pharr llevará a cabo su Casa Abierta y Festival Internacional Anual el sábado 9 de diciembre, de las 9:30 de la mañana a las 4 de la tarde.  Por los últimos cuatro años, durante el Festival también hemos promocionado una colecta de alimentos y recaudación de fondos para nuestra Despensa de Alimentos, patrocinada por la iglesia.


“Durante estos últimos meses, cada vez que abrimos, más familias vienen necesitando alimentos.” Dice el Padre Antonio Perdomo, Pastor de San Jorge.  “Las ultimas veces hemos repartido alimentos a más de cien familias, y hemos tenido que cerrarle la puerta a otros.”


La Despensa de Alimentos de San Jorge se abre dos veces al mes, y desde el verano de 2004, cuando abrió sus puertas, ha crecido desde unos cuantos participantes hasta más de 480 personas servidas en octubre de 2006.


“Cuando llevamos a cabo nuestro Festival Internacional y Casa Abierta Anual” dice Elizabeth Perdomo, la esposa del Padre Antonio, “tratamos de acercarnos a la comunidad y pedirles que nos ayuden a ayudar a nuestros vecinos, al mismo tiempo que ayudamos a nuestra Parroquia.  Es increíble cuantas familias vienen a nosotros con verdadera necesidad.”


“Todos los que vienen a nuestro Festival Internacional pueden ayudar a familias necesitadas trayendo alimentos enlatados y alimentos no perecederos como “admisión” al evento” añadió Analucía Perdomo, miembro del OCF (Hermandad Cristiana Ortodoxa) y estudiante en UTPA.  “A cambio de compartir alimentos para nuestra Despensa, nosotros compartiremos una muestra de nuestras golosinas hechas en casa.  ¡El Festival es muy divertido!”


Además de la colecta “Trae una lata; llévate una galleta”, la Despensa de Alimentos de San Jorge necesita voluntarios para ayudar a recoger los alimentos del Banco de Alimentos del Valle del Río Grande, y ayudantes para separar y distribuir las cajas de alimento a los beneficiarios del programa.


“Hace algunos meses era suficiente que yo llevara mi camioneta la Banco de Alimentos y recogiera nuestra orden” continua el Padre Perdomo, “Ahora necesitamos tres, a veces cuatro vehículos para cargar todo y traerlo a la Iglesia”


La Despensa de Alimentos de San Jorge también necesita apoyo económico: “Para continuar alimentando a más familias cada mes necesitamos ayuda de individuos, familias, y negocios locales” dice la Sra. Perdomo.  “Ya sea una sola donación, o una contribución mensual modesta, de $10, $20 o $25, cada centavo es bien usado, y muy apreciado.”


El Festival Internacional también incluye la venta de Alimentos y Productos Horneados Internacionales, como Gyros y Baklava, Artesanías Internacionales, Jabón hecho a mano, y artículos para regalo, así como música, danzas, presentaciones educacionales y Visitas Guiadas a la Iglesia.  “Hay muchas cosas para todos” continúa Analucía Perdomo, “La mayoría de la gente no sabe cuánta diversidad internacional tenemos en el Valle, o dentro de la Iglesia Ortodoxa Cristiana”


Para más información sobre como ayudar, comuníquese  con el Padre Antonio Perdomo al 956-781-6114, o a su correo electrónico, padreantonio@aol.com.  Puede enviar su contribución monetaria a la Iglesia Ortodoxa San Jorge, PO Box 667, Pharr, TX  78577.  Puede encontrar información de la Despensa de Alimentos de San Jorge y de otros ministerios de la Parroquia en nuestro portal: www.stgeorgepantry.org.



Shelves Loaded with Food
Shelves Loaded with Food
Shelves Loaded with Food
Youth Unloads Truck
Youth Unloads Truck
Youth Unloads Truck
Give a Can; Get a Cookie Feed the Hungry Campaign

One method we've used to collect food for our hungry neighbors:

Give a Can; Get a Cookie

St. George’s Food Pantry
Feed the Hungry Campaign

  Winter months and holidays are nearly here. Cooler temperatures may be a relief to many. The holidays may be a great joy. However, to those who are already hungry, this colder season can be the most challenging of them all. St. George’s Orthodox Church in Pharr helps ease this challenge.  Since early 2004, St. George’s Food Pantry serves many Pharr area’s needy families. Last year, the church incorporated “Give a Can; Get a Cookie,” a food drive campaign, into its annual International Bake Fest and Open House. This event will take place at St. George’s Church at 704 W. Sam Houston in Pharr on Saturday, December 10th from until .  


          “Because of the magnitude of needs for recent disaster relief, local Food Pantry operations have had less support this year, said Father Antonio Perdomo, Director of St. George’s Food Pantry. “Despite this, the local needs keep growing. At Thanksgiving alone, St. George’s Food Pantry bought and distributed over 60 turkeys and food boxes to families who came to us in need of food.”


For years St. George’s parishioners have made and sold Greek baklava and other ethnic foods. The “Give a Can; Get a Cookie” is one way the local Orthodox Church helps serve its neighbors and the surrounding community. “The idea is quite simple,” said Elizabeth Perdomo, wife of St. George’s Pastor, Rev. Fr. Antonio Perdomo. “We want the Open House and Bake Fest to be enjoyable for our guests, and to help others at the same time. So, we’re encouraging people to bring one or many food items to share with the hungry. In exchange, we’ll share a sample of our homemade cookies or baked goods.” Complimentary coffee and Russian tea will also be available throughout the day.


          “Every time St. George’s Food Pantry is open, more hungry people come to us, including many young children and elderly.” Rev. Perdomo said, “By working together as a community, we can help those who lack one of our most basic human needs, nourishing food.”  Rev. Perdomo said that volunteers are also needed every other Wednesday, to help pick up, divide and distribute food boxes.


          Blankets or Afghans, warm coats and sweaters, especially those in children’s sizes, are also welcome. All donations are tax deductible. For more information or to help out, please call Fr. Antonio Perdomo at 956-781-6114 or 781-2388, or contact him by email at padreantoniop@aol.com  St. George’s Orthodox Church is located at 704 W. Sam Houston in Pharr.

¡Gloria a Dios por todo!
Direct your Questions, Comments or Feedback to (Por favor dirigir sus preguntas, dudas o comentarios al): 956-781-6114 or info@stgeorgepantry.org

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