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Youth Retreat Behavior Contract

Youth Participant’s Agreement


q   I agree to bring only those items approved by the Retreat Staff  and to leave home those things which are neither appropriate nor allowed by the Retreat Staff.  This includes radios, tape and CD players, MP3 Players or IPods, computer games and other such luxuries. Cell Phones may be used ONLY in Emergencies or if there is a need to communicate with Family Members/Parents - But NOT during Spiritual Sessions/Talks, Prayers or Liturgical Services or other times when participants are actively doing service work. Exception: If and during the appointed time, these items can be used during Talent Show rehearsals and performances.

I agree to refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs (other than medications approved or specified by the Retreat Staff Nurse or Director), or partaking of any other prohibited substance/s.

I agree to respect the authority of the Retreat Staff, following their directions and accepting their decisions.  This includes instructions for “lights out,” as well as to cease any other activities for whatever reasons that they might have.

I agree to attend all Orthodox  Winter Service Retreat services and activities, as designated by the Retreat Schedule and Staff, to arrive on time, and to remain there until dismissed. If there is a MEDICAL need to be absent from any activity, participants need to notify the designated Retreat Staff Nurse or a Retreat Director.

I agree to respect the needs and feelings of others, to show kindness to all that I come into contact with, and to help out whenever I can.

I agree to refrain from any and all unchaste language, gesturing, and behaviors.  This includes using profanity, engaging in or seeking to engage in sexual behavior, dressing or behaving immodestly, or in general, willfully giving in to or leading others into temptation.

I agree to refrain from any and all violence, including physically or verbally abusing my fellow Retreat participants and/or staff, including bullying, fighting, yelling, and in general losing my temper.  I also agree to leave at home any items which are weapons or are weapon-like.

I agree to respond to all harsh words, threats, taunts, insults, and attacks without returning like for like, “eye for an eye,” but to seek a peaceful resolution to the problem, including but not limited to seeking the help of Retreat Staff or simply walking away from the situation.

I agree to respect the views, opinions, beliefs, religious or otherwise, of my fellow Winter Service Retreat participants, even if I do not agree with them.

I agree to pursue the spiritual growth and renewal, fun and enjoyment of this Winter Service Retreat experience whole-heartedly and in the spirit of Christian fellowship!

Having read and understood the above Youth Retreat Participant’s Behavior Contract and having agreed
to follow these policies during my participation at this Orthodox Christian Youth Retreat Program,
I also understand that should I fail to comply with these policies, the consequences may include, but are not limited to,
being prohibited from participating in some or all activities, being sent home (at my parent’s expense),
being prohibited from returning to this or other Orthodox Youth Programs in this Deanery,
or having less of a good time as I and everyone else should.

Youth Applicant’s Signature:                                                                                             


Parent of Applicant’s Signature:


As an applicant to this PRO-ORB sponsored Orthodox Christian Winter Service Retreat, 

I,_________________________________ agree to the following concerning participation while at

 the Retreat Center or at any other outing or location visited as part of the Winter Service Retreat program.

¬°Gloria a Dios por todo!
Direct your Questions, Comments or Feedback to (Por favor dirigir sus preguntas, dudas o comentarios al): 956-781-6114 or info@stgeorgepantry.org

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